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Membership in ISPREC is open to Policy Researchers and Evaluators, Government-based Policy Makers, and Policy Advocates whose work is related to school-based counseling. In addition, membership is open to counselor educators and graduate students who are interested in policy work related to school-based counseling. 
There are two categories of ISPREC members: Professional Members and Student Members 

  1. Professional Members are employed as researchers, policy makers and/or policy advocates in universities, government, professional associations or NGOs. 

  2. Student Members are graduate students who are enrolled in formal educational programs associated with school-based policy research


Interested in getting involved and becoming a member? Click on the below link, fill and submit the form.

ISPRESC Membership Development Strategic Plan

The ISPRESC Membership Development Strategic Plan has been finalized and will be rolling out immediately.

The Plan focuses on membership development activities in three prioritized areas.


Goals include:

Priority 1: Implement Strategies Immediately.

Goal 1.1. Increase numbers of members in selected countries that have a strong, established presence of school-based counseling but few ISPRESC Members (e.g. Canada, Costa Rica, Ireland, Kenya, Singapore, and Venezuela.

Goal 1.2. Increase numbers of professional members working in government (policy development).

Goal 1.3. Increase numbers of professional members working in professional organizations (policy advocacy).

Goal 1.4. Increase numbers of doctoral student members with an interest in policy research and, policy evaluation.

Priority 2: Implement Strategies in 6-9 months.

Goal 2.1. Increase numbers of members in throughout Latin America. Currently, there are very few ISPRESC Members in Latin America. Give fundamental language barriers, a foundation for membership development must be developed before successful strategies can be put in place. This foundation includes the development of Spanish language descriptive materials, website development, and JSCPE content.

Priority 3: Implement Strategies in 12-15 months.

Goal 3.1 Increase numbers of student members who are preparing to be practitioners and who are interested in public policy and school-based counseling.

Goal 3.2. Increase numbers of school-based counseling practitioners as members.

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